Inviting People to Your Tovy Workspace

Inviting people to your Tovy Workspace is a task that can be done in minute with just a few clicks!

Understanding Workspaces

When you first get logged onto Tovy the first page that will appear is your Workspace page. This page will let you select any of the Workspaces you have been invited to.

Tovy Workspaces


You are probably wondering how to actually invite people to your workspace that you have created. First, go to the Workspace you would like to invite people to. You will land on the home page which shows all the stuff happening in your workspace!

Tovy homepage

After that go to settings which is at the bottom of the sidebar.


When you open the settings page you will automatically land on the general tab of settings, you will click on the Permissions tab show below.


Once you click permissions press users tab on the page. This will show you a textbox and a button the says "add user" on the page.

Add users

Type the full username of the person you would like to add (they have to be signed up) and press Add User and the person will appear below.


If you would like to know more about ranking the users you just added please visit the Roles and Permissions guide.

Is this problem persisting?

If all the above steps are followed and the issue still persist, you may get support through the following channels:

For Tovy Cloud user You may contact a support team member through Tovy Cloud's live chat function.

For self-hosted instance user You may open a forum discussion in our Discord support section and community members will be able to help you.

Please note that staff are not required to provide assistance in the support forum section and therefore, do not ping any staff member. Staff team may choose to help and the community may provide additional assistance. Fret not, we have a great community of members who are willing to help each other.