How to Review notices

Your employee just said they needed to take an inactivity notice! They figured out how to submit one from the other guide and just needs you to review it! Well, don't worry with Tovy activity you will have it reviewed in just a few clicks!

Getting started

Go to the activity tab on your sidebar.

Activity sidebar

You will land on a page that shows the staff that are active and more! Press view notices on the page.

Press view notices

Once you land on the page it will show you all the inactivity requests in your group. You can accept or deny them based on what you think (or your group rules) this will show up on the person who requested the inactivity screen once you decide.

Approve or deny inactivity

In this case Horne_t is breaking company rules by going on vacation (joke) so I will press deny. For ItsWHOOOPS inactivity according to company policy we allow testing inactivity so I will press approve.

The person requesting the inactivity will see this on the screen once you approve or deny (depending on which one you do)


Is this problem still persisting?

If all the above steps are followed and the issue still persist, you may get support through the following channels:

For Tovy Cloud user You may contact a support team member through Tovy Cloud's live chat function.

For self-hosted instance user You may open a forum discussion in our Discord support section and community members will be able to help you.

Please note that staff are not required to provide assistance in the support forum section and therefore, do not ping any staff member. Staff team may choose to help and the community may provide additional assistance. Fret not, we have a great community of members who are willing to help each other.