Updating Tovy

Tovy releases update regularly to keep Tovy powerful and safe to use. In order to enjoy the improvements granted by the update, this guide will walk you through the updating process for Tovy.

Table of Content

Updating Tovy in your server

When you are using git clone, it clones the entire repository to your device. Hence, updating will be easier and usually takes one line to complete. As long as you do not modify the source code.

To do that, make sure you have cancelled the process for Tovy in PM2 or anything else. Just make sure Tovy is not running in the background.

After that, run this command when you are in the directory where Tovy resides:

git pull

Once complete, deploy your Tovy instance again, either with PM2 or whatever.

🎉 You just updated Tovy to the latest version!

Updating Tovy in Railway

Setting up settings

To update your Tovy instance in Railway, head to your Railway project page first, it should look something like this:

Now press Tovy or whatever your the name of the repo you cloned Tovy into is

Now, head to the Settings tab:

Now scroll down to the Service section and press Check for updates.

Soon you should be greeted with a prompt, asking whether to update this project to the latest version. Click Yes.

Updating the repository

Now, when an update is released, Railway will create a pull request for the updated content. In order to use the update, we need to accept its corresponding pull request and have it merge into the repository. In simplified form, head to your GitHub repository.

Click the Pull Requests section:

You should be able to see a new pull request named like this:

Click into it and hit Merge Pull Request, and confirm the merge. Finally, delete the branch.

🎉 You just updated Tovy to the latest version!

  • A Github Account

First, log into your Heroku dashboard and click on the Tovy dyno.

Then, go to the 'activity' tab. image.pngopen in new window

Then, hit the "connect" button. image.pngopen in new window

When asked to choose a pipeline, create a new one and name it whatever you want and leave the stage default. image.pngopen in new window

Now, before the next step, go to Github

It might take you back to a pipeline page, but just hit the "Connect to Github" to finish.

Then, authorize your Github by pressing the button and following the prompt. image.pngopen in new window

In the "Connect to Github" field, type "Tovy" and click search, then connect. image.pngopen in new window

Follow any prompts, and hit 'Done'.

Now, go to https://github.com/<YOUR GITHUB USERNAME HERE>/tovy amd hit the 'fetch upstream' and 'fetch and merge'. Let it update, and wait for Tovy to reboot on Heroku.

image.pngopen in new window

🎉 You just updated Tovy to the latest version!