Tovy, a staff management system for Roblox groups

⚠️ Tovy is in early beta right now. Features are not complete and bugs may occur


Tovy is an open source staff management platform inspired by Hyra. It allows Roblox groups to manage their group members in a more intuitive and powerful way, while still being simple to use.

Why consider

  • Beautifully-crafted and responsive frontend
  • Packed with a lot of features, such as...
    • Creating custom roles and invite users or sync it to your group
    • Bulk manage your group members
    • Track your members' group activity
    • Automate things with Tovy (soon)
    • Warn, promote, demote, and way more to your members
    • Communicate with your members directly in Tovy
    • Host your docs with Tovy
    • Assign your staff activity requirements (soon)
    • Track when your members are inactive with notices
    • Host & Schedule sessions without causing a burden
  • Frontend written in TS with Nextjs & TailwindCSS, backend written in Typescript & Next.js
  • Completely open source



Tovy is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0.